Special Promo! Get Taking Stage: The Complete Series Free

Just wanted to let you know that my book, Taking Stage: The Complete Series is currently FREE on Amazon and Kobo! Here’s the description:

After winning tickets to a rock concert, Therese suddenly finds herself in the most unlikely of places… “backstage at rock god Max Stone’s concert and later, in his limousine.

In Taking Stage, I explore the allure of the ordinary to the famous and the famous to the ordinary. Max desires Therese because she is different: genuine, full-figured, and well, not a groupie. Therese finds Max devastatingly attractive, but can she overcome her insecurities as things heat up?

Explore the secrets that Therese holds in my complete 5-part series: Taking Stage

Follow the link below to see Taking Stage!

>> https://emmaroseromance.com/books/taking-stage-the-complete-series/

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