Taking Stage: The Complete Series

Taking Stage: A Night with the Rock Star - The Complete 5-Part Series (Taking Stage, #1-5)


The complete bestselling series in one bundle!

Therese is convinced that hot rock-god guys like Max Stone could never fall for a girl like her. They chase after pencil-thin supermodels who never have to watch what they eat or exercise to keep their figure.

She also has no desire to see Max's band live when he comes to town, but her groupie sister can't stop going on about how sexy he is. When Therese nonchalantly wins a pair of backstage passes for her sister during a radio contest, she decides to give it a try despite the horde of tattooed and pierced fans that will be there.

When the limo arrives to take them to the show, she is sure she makes a fool of herself by not recognizing Max and the rest of the band who are already seated. She is fascinated by him, not for his fame, but for his jaw-droppingly good looks and magnetic personality. She allows her mind to wonder what it would be like to have him to herself for a night.

Max is caught off-guard when one of the winners of a radio contest takes a seat in his limo. Her full-figured frame, beautiful curves, and piercing eyes show him that she is interested in him personally, not his fame. He wants to show her there is more to him than being a rock star.

Will Therese look past the stage lights and her own insecurities to spend a night with the mysterious rock star, Max Stone?

Autumn-Diana S. Amazon Reviewer

I genuinely enjoyed reading this book...Being BBW myself, I would like to know more of Therese's story, what led her to become accepting of her body? Within the genre of romance I find this book to be well above average. Close in style to Kim Harrison who's not really a romance writer but I love her works. Emma balances enough plot advancement with the right amount of steamy sex. Nikki beating up Max's ex challenges the suspension of disbelief a little bit. Although Nikki would do anything to protect her sister, I didn't see her as the kidnapping type. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I enjoyed the ending as well. That came as a surprise to me. I thought there would be more of an 'arrangement' which would have made me happy as opposed to Marriage which made me ecstatic. I had a moment of "OMG IS he?!". Well written, fast paced and with a good balance of plot and sex. Amazing choice in character and story line. I enjoyed the Kindle format. Brava!