Work mixes with pleasure when Olivia becomes more entangled with her hot boss, Rance, and his business partner, Jeremy. Olivia knows she can’t let Rance down. Not only because she needs the job he’s given her, but because there’s something about her hot boss that she can’t resist. She can’t deny that she is attracted to him, and the more she learns about Rance, the stronger this attraction grows.

But Rance doesn’t know about Olivia’s relationship with Jeremy, and she’ll do anything to keep him from finding out. Jeremy makes it obvious that he wants to continue where they left off, and Olivia knows she must give him what he wants or he’ll ruin her chances with Rance. But despite her fears, she is filled with anticipation as she discovers all the pleasures Jeremy wants to share with her.

This adult romance is the third in the SHARED series by bestselling author, Emma Rose

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