Drowning in student loan debt, broke, and practically homeless, Olivia is in desperate need of a job. But with no real experience and a college degree that isn’t going to do her much good, she has very little chances of finding one in New York City. When she gets an interview with Rance at a successful restaurant in the city, she’s willing to do anything to prove herself. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Rance is really hot.

When a handsome stranger named Jeremy offers her a ride home, she takes it, knowing there’s no way she can afford a cab. She finds herself extremely attracted to the mysterious man and knows that he can’t resist her either. She wants to succumb to the pleasure he offers…but Jeremy has a secret that might ruin Olivia’s chances at the restaurant with Rance. Will she deny herself the pleasures Jeremy offers? Or will she give up the opportunity that Rance has given her for a passionate night with Jeremy?

This installment is the first in the SHARED series by bestselling author, Emma Rose

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