Two New Releases! Hard Chance and Scandalous

This week brings not one, but two new steamy erotic reads!

The first is Hard Chance, the third installment in the four-part Navy SEAL military series.

Also available is Scandalous: Playing with Fire, a full-length 70,000 word novel with BDSM and billionaire elements based on the 9-part series entitled Shared that I released last year.
Navy SEAL Chance and McKenzie must adjust to their fake identities as husband and wife in a safe house while Chance and his team seek out Saravia and his men.

Though she was rescued three weeks ago, McKenzie still suffers from nightmares about her abduction. Sights and smells trigger waves of nausea. However, McKenzie notices that her nausea is becoming more and more frequent, especially in the mornings...

Can McKenzie and Chance built a true relationship with each other while living someone else's life?
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Olivia is out of options, and now faces a tough choice that puts her between two sexy billionaires...

Drowning in debt after finishing college with a literature degree, Olivia must face the music - Get a job or get kicked out of her apartment. She interviews for a position at a successful restaurant and is willing to do anything to prove herself.

What Olivia wasn't planning on was the man doing the interview. Rance is unbelievably sexy and his dirty-talking business partner, Jeremy, puts everything on the line to leave no desire unfulfilled.
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Both the above titles are free through Kindle Unlimited and exclusive to Amazon for the time being. Don't have a Kindle or the Kindle App? No worries simply fill out this form after purchasing the books on Amazon and I'll send them to you in a file that is compatible with your device, whether you have a Nook, iPad, Kobo Reader, Android or iOS phone, or read on your Windows/Mac.

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