Summer Deal: I might be crazy for doing this…

For those of you who regularly follow my posts, you’ll know that I’ll try just about any type of promotion. Well, I had a crazy idea last night and I decided to put it into action. You might think I’m crazy because if everyone takes advantage of this I’ll be losing money. My main goal is to please my fans and…Wow…I’m pretty sure this will please you. ?

You’re probably going ‘Just tell me already! Spill the beans!” Okay, okay…I’ve rambled long enough. Here are the details.


Over the last several months, I have been completely blown away by the kindness of my fans who have continually helped tell others about my works. It brings me to tears when I think about the wonderful group of individuals who support me as an independent author.

As a way to say thanks and to help spread knowledge of my written works, I want to offer everyone a very special offer, even if it means putting my personal investment at risk.

Here’s how I plan to spread the word:

If you purchase this book and can prove to me that you have actually read it, I will give you your money back. It’s very easy to do your part.

This is how you prove to me that you read the book:

Before September 30, 2013, do these three things:

1. Send me a copy of the receipt to along with your Paypal email address. There are different versions and I need to know what you paid. I will send the money to your Paypal email address through Paypal.

2. Choose one of the following to send with the receipt:

– You can write an honest review on Amazon, or GoodReads, or your personal blog
– OR You can write me a testimonial that shows me you’ve read the book

3. Join my Beta Reader Newsletter if you haven’t already at

If you can think of other ways to prove you read the book, that’s perfectly fine too. The main idea is to prove to me that you read the book and I will send you your money back.

I will stick by this promise. If every single person who buys this book takes advantage of my special deal, then I will make absolutely nothing on it. I’ll be happy even if this happens because it will mean that people are reading my book. ?

Sound good? Click Here to visit The Billionaire’s Proposal Book page.


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