New Releases for May

I realized that I've been so focused on writing new stories that I haven't kept my website up-to-date as each one as been published. I think you will enjoy these. ?
Teacher's Pet
Miss Gracey is tired of her job at a local college, teaching adults who behave like children. The only thing that helps her get by are the whip and chain BDSM parties she visits on the weekends, where she can play Domme and let out her frustrations on willing subs.

And when a student appears looking for help on a paper and saying he’ll do anything, Miss Gracey may have just found the new sub she’s been looking for… but first he’ll have to prove he can follow directions, say please and thank you, and do anything Miss Gracey tells him to do…
The Billionaire’s Trainer: A Billionaire New Adult Romance
Clara Torres is the owner of Boca Bodies, a small franchise of elite premiere fitness facilities in sunny South Florida. She’s used to demanding clients, but when one particular VIP requests that she close down her flagship location in Boca Raton for the entire month of January to train him exclusively, even she’s a little starstruck.

That’s before she meets billionaire start-up king, Rory Taylor, a twenty-something whiz kid who’s decided that getting in shape is going to be his New Year’s Resolution. The two share a fiery connection from day one, and as their one-on-one training intensifies, so does their passion for each other’s bodies after hours…
Perfect Unison
After inheriting her grandfather’s concert hall, Megan Pross, professional violinist and music instructor, is forced allow a larger variety of acts including up-and-coming rock band in order to keep the hall profitable and pay her rent. Megan vehemently opposes allowing such undesirable and wild ‘musicians’ on her once-sacred stage.

When a rock band starring legendary MMA fighter Alex Ives books the hall, Megan must work side-by-side to keep her new rocker clients happy. Will Megan get more than she bargained for?
Seduced by the Rock Star
Winter Sable is a no-nonsense, take no prisoners security guard for the posh Palatial Suites Hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado. So when she receives several “noise complaints” from the Penthouse floor’s special “VIP” guest, she is naturally eager to solve the problem and restore the peaceful Palatial back to status: normal.

But when she encounters twenty-something rock god Smash Applethorpe partying in his posh penthouse suite with a bevy of comely co-eds, she’s in the mood for more than just problem solving. Will her private “interrogation” of the handsome rock star make her do things she never imagined? And how far will the security guard go to please her drop dead gorgeous prisoner…
Rocked Weekend: New Adult Rock Star Romance
Lindsay is a freelance writer looking for place where she can clear her mind and work on her next story. She thinks she’s found the perfect place when a traveling musician needs to rent out a room in his home. Lindsay agrees to stay an entire weekend while Darrin is on tour.

What will happen when Darrin leaves for the weekend and Lindsay is home alone? Will she get more than just a new story?

Will her night of fun turn into something more?
Lesbian Romance: A New Adult Romance
Busy ad executive Rachel is exhausted. No time for love, her career is her life. Her beautiful new business consultant, Sandra, shows up unannounced at Rachel’s home before a business dinner. She has a surprise for Rachel…She cancels Rachel’s dinner plans and takes her to the opening of a hot new club. Rachel, surprised by her consultant’s behavior, decides to join her for a well-deserved night of fun.

As the night goes on, Rachel feels conflicting emotions toward Sandra, feelings she’s worked to bury for years…

Will her night of fun turn into something more?

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