Let me give you a romance book on me!

I'm sure you've went through the same thing I have when it comes to looking toward a new year...Resolutions, promises to yourself, etc.

Well, the goal I set out for myself this year is to be a more giving person...One of my personal 'nail on chalkboard' quirks is that when I reflect on a conversation I have with someone, I kick myself for not making a better effort to keep the conversation balanced by asking them about details they've shared with me in the past...It's a small thing but it really bothers me when I walk away from a conversation and realize that I spent the vast majority of the last ten minutes talking about myself and what I've done rather than giving them a chance to share what's going on with them in a more meaningful way...

Okay, personal story time aside (I've done it again!), I wanted to show you just how much I appreciate the love, interest, and support you've continued to give me week after week by downloading my books, leaving me reviews, and sending me personal emails.

As a special thanks, you can download Alpha Rockstar, #1 for free through the link below:
She’s reaching for a lifelong dream.

Penelope has made a living taking concert photos for the newspaper entertainment section, but her dreams are much bigger. She dreams of getting close with a rock and roll band and taking pictures of everything, immersing herself in the rock and roll lifestyle.

He’s searching for a life beyond the stage.

She gets her chance when a band on tour invites her to join them for a few weeks, but Penelope has reservations…is she being invited along because they want a photographer, or because Marcus, the quiet but attractive lead singer, wants to sleep with her? And what would she say if he tried?
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