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I was super excited about the prospect of finding lots of Kindle Unlimited Romance eBooks to enjoy over the coming weeks and it has been great seeing just how many new and exciting romance books are added to Kindle Unlimited each week.

I've listed some of my own books that I've added to the Kindle Unlimited Romance section. You can download and read all of these eBooks for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription!​

Alpha Rockstar Romance Series

She’s reaching for a lifelong dream.

Penelope has made a living taking concert photos for the newspaper entertainment section, but her dreams are much bigger. She dreams of getting close with a rock and roll band and taking pictures of everything, immersing herself in the rock and roll lifestyle.

He’s searching for a life beyond the stage.

She gets her chance when a band on tour invites her to join them 
for  a few weeks, but Penelope has reservations…is she being invited along because they want a photographer, or because Marcus, the quiet but attractive lead singer, wants to sleep with her? And what would she say if he tried?

Sweet Surprise: BBW Erotica Romance

aura Stinson lost her sexual mojo after a cruel break-up. A curvy, vivacious beauty, she only believes a man will love her if she is thin. Being surrounded by size zeros at her health food store job does nothing for her self-esteem either.

When she delivers lunch to a nearby modeling agency, she thinks the receptionist is playing a mean joke when she asks her to interview with an agent. But when the agent, David, walks through the door and their eyes lock, it’s Laura who gets the sweetest and hottest surprise of all…

Her Untamed Alpha

Mystery. Billionaires. Werewolves. Sex! Follow Charity as her attempts to solve the murder of her brothers plunges her into a world forbidden to outsiders...

Charity Sommers gets more than she bargained for when she attempts to uncover the mystery behind the wolf attacks that ultimately took her two brothers' lives...

Her obsessive searching places her in the crosshairs of Drake Savage, a billionaire CEO willing to use every resource at his disposal to protect his secret...

Craved by the Alpha

Jessie’s job and relationship are going nowhere. After years of wasted time, she’s pulling up her roots to move from Louisiana to Arizona where she’ll live with her trouble-causing sister, Trina. Jessie’s not surprised to find that Trina has a seriously hot boyfriend living with her. What does surprise her, is that the hunk in her sister’s life has some rather unsettling secrets.

Jessie decides to stay despite her suspicions, and it’s a lucky thing too, because there’s one more hunk to meet. Fortunately this one is single. Will a dark secret ruin Jessie’s chance at love? Well, that’s really up to her.
I hope you enjoy reading all the new romance books! If you know of a Kindle Unlimited Romance that I didn't put in the list, please feel free to share it below via a comment since I'll keep this list up-to-date as new romance for Kindle Unlimited gets added.

Happy reading!​
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