Shifting Focus

Thus far, I have been very fortunate to have an active group of readers of my shorter works.  My goal over the coming months is to branch out into longer works, works that will extend well into the novel range of 50,000 plus words instead of the roughly 5,000 word shorts I have primarily written in my year of self-publishing.

With the release of larger works, I’m hoping to attract an even greater amount of new readers who enjoy my style and give them great value for the books I produce.  With longer length books, I believe there will also be an increased demand for some of my works to be published physically.

Digital publishing is amazing.  It’s what has allowed me to pursue writing as a full-time career.  However, I believe offering physical and audio editions of some of my longer length works will offer potential readers a great variety of choice.  I know some people prefer the feel of a real book while reading.  It’s definitely something to keep in mind as I move forward.

In other news, I have part 4 of The Billionaire’s Proposal coming along shortly.  I was hoping to have it published by the weekend, but I decided to wait to ensure that everything was perfect before moving forward.  My sincerest thanks go to everyone who has supported me through my works.  As an independent author I don’t have the benefit of a large marketing budget or a great publisher fighting for the success of my books.  I have only my fans and readers, and you all have been tremendous.  Truly spectacular.  Thank you so much.

10 thoughts on “Shifting Focus

  1. Wow sounds wonderful. I have been dropping some of my regular authors because I feel cheated. I am cool with the 2.99 price tag don’t get me wrong but 16 pages after all to intro stuff and closing stuff too. I mean really? So to hear you will reward your readers. Woooooohooooo

    • I completely understand where you’re coming from. Self Publishing still limits your options where pricing is concerned. Unless it’s at $2.99 or above, the royalty rate drops from 70% to 30%. Though I make less sales at $2.99 than I would at $0.99, I couldn’t make a living if I weren’t at the 70% royalty limit (I’d have to sale three times as many books just to maintain my current income).

      My response to this is to keep my current fans of short stories happy, but to branch into longer work for those of us who prefer having what feels like a complete story with fully realized character development and plot instead of a fast-paced scene or two. I love writing both lengths, but I believe a healthy approach is to balance my short stories with longer novellas and novels. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Hi Shanna, thank you so much for the feedback. I wanted to let you know that Taking Stage part 5 is now live on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo! Thanks so much.


    • Hi Jen! Thank you for the feedback. The Billionaire’s Proposal has been such a pleasure to write due to the characters themselves. As it stands, there will most likely be two remaining releases before I finish the story arc. Look for the next one to be published next week (if all goes well).


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