Torn Between: Seduced by the Billionaires (The Complete Boxed Set)

Torn Between: Seduced by the Billionaires Complete Boxed Set


The complete bestselling series in one bundle!

Cami never expected to land a job at one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in her home town of Grafton. Nor did she expect her recently divorced billionaire boss to trust her with one of the company's biggest secrets...

The company secret has put her between her boss and the sexy CEO of a competing firm. This other CEO wants to steal more than the secret, and Cami must choose where her affiliations fall...

Gloria H. Amazon Reviewer

Poignant, mysterious and tender best describes this series. Zane's and Lucky's love affair develops in this series. It is fragile and precious love affair between two lost souls that really belong together. There are just too many secrets and Zane will not share the truth with Lucky. Their relationship is brittle and changeable; they are definitely not on solid ground. Lucky loves Zane and would prefer full honesty and trust, but how can she believe him when every time she turns around she catches him in a lie. You will be cheering for these two young lovers as you read and discover the answer to all these secrets. There are some heart wrenching moments, so have the tissues ready.