Three: The Complete 5-Part Series (A Menage Adult Romance)

Three: Anything They Desire, The Complete 5-Part Series (A Contemporary Menage Romance)


The complete bestselling series in one bundle!

Feeling down after breaking up with her abusive boyfriend, Allie is dismissive when her brother offers for her to join him on a trip to Mexico. Getting away might do some good, and she didn't want to let her brother down.

What she didn't expect was that her brother's two hot friends were also coming along on the trip. Two guys who were hot and completely out of her league, at least that's what she had assumed. When the two friends start making passes at Allie, she's conflicted by the emotions the men stir within her. How could she possibly choose between the two? Only the two men have something else in mind...They want to share her.

Dickers1 Amazon Reviewer

I love a hot menage story. This book was perfect. There was the taboo of the guys being her brother's friends and the background story of her abusive ex but the main focus of the book was the interaction of the three of them. The sex was hot and well written but the love story also shone thru.

JLee Amazon Reviewer

I choose this rating for the fabulous story line an very sexy and real characters. Even the ex. I enjoyed the beginning, how they were her fantasy. The focus of her desire even with history between them an LOVE of family. I wished there was some parts from the men's point of view or thinking. I recommend this to all those adventurous souls and hidden freaks. Hope you enjoy this as I have.