Alyssa’s dreams have been filled with visions that both excite and disturb her, deep down to her core. Vampires, those creatures that hold a fascination both terrible and erotic, have been plaguing Alyssa’s thoughts and filling her with desire, even as she navigates her regular life dodging drunken frat boys at work. While nothing about her life seems all that interesting, Alyssa can’t shake the feeling that there is something more mysterious, and perhaps more delightful, waiting for her around the corner.

That is, until a mysterious man named Bran defends her honor one day and raises feelings of intrigue and interest in Alyssa. He looks like a vampire, talks like one, and has both the strength and good looks of the ones who have haunted her dreams. Alyssa begins to wonder if that mystery around the corner is the one right in front of her, because the night can be mysterious, and it can also be incredibly passionate…

FOR HIS DARK HUNGER is the first novella in the adult paranormal romance series THE VAMPIRE’s EMBRACE by Emma Rose

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