Trusting His Embrace: The Billionaire’s Proposal 3

Trusting His Embrace: (The Billionaire's Proposal 3)


Helen begins to worry that her relationship with Adam is sinking to a level of pure friendship. After several days without an encounter, Adam invites her to join him on a visit to a place he holds very closely, and his sensual and not-so-subtle hints suggest he has much more in mind than a simple trip...

Ry Mas Amazon Reviewer

Wow! The Billionaire's Proposal was steamy! But the steam is not the most impressive part about this book; it's the story. Emma Rose has weaved together a compelling tale that draws you in from the first scene to the last word. The main character, Helen is interesting and as a reader I felt compassion for her situation. The story seemed to offer a much needed catharsis for the character. The tastiest part of this read is the coupling of Helen and Adam. Right from their initial meeting they have such a palpable magnetism. With each word I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. The ending left me hungry for more. I can hardly wait to read the next book in this series.

Anduffy3 Amazon Reviewer

Great book for anyone looking for a good erotic short story. This book is tailored more towards S&M since Adam is characterized as an alpha male and Helen is a more submissive character. This book also features female pleasure instead of male pleasure which makes it a particularly good read for women. Emma Rose is a very good writer, and her stories will not disappoint readers. This book is the first book in the new Billionaire series, so readers can enjoy this short story and expect to see more of this couple in other books as well. I would highly recommend this book.