Take Me: Taken in the Dark (The Complete 4-Part Erotic Romance Series)

Take Me: Taken in the Dark (The Complete 4-Part Erotic Romance Series)


The complete bestselling series in one bundle!

Sarah wakes up to find herself bound on a ship to be sold by an eastern European crime ring. Sarah begins to lose hope when she sees the other women bruised and bloodied after being taken by the guards.

Sarah didn't expect to be protected in this place. Nor did she expect to find love. But when she discovers that one of the guards is secretly working to free the girls, her dim light of hope begins to burn again...

But this mysterious stranger wants to bring down the entire operation, even if it means placing the women under his care at risk. When he falls for Sarah, his ability to keep away the suspicious eyes of the other members of the operation comes under attack...

Denise G. Goodreads Reviewer

Wow! This complete series, 'Take Me: Taken in the Dark' was unlike any book I've read by the extremely talented Emma Rose. I absolutely loved it. The storyline pulled me in from the first page and did not let go. I literally did not put it down. Yes, it's that good. The way the story played out was so well written that I wasn't sure how it would end. The characters were great. Sarah is one hell of a fighter. She's feisty when needed and has such a caring and nurturing nature for those in the same position as herself. As with Emma Rose's writing style with the hot and steamy scenes, this series was just as erotic. Holy hotness. This is definitely a must add to your tbr list. Highly recommended.