Cass can’t get Michael, the handsome cowboy who mysteriously has contacted her over and over, out of her mind…even in the bedroom, where she does what she does best. Since she began working at the Golden Thoroughbred, L.A.’s hottest gentleman’s club, her life has been a never-ending series of wild encounters.

Except with Michael. He just wants to “talk”…and after every talk, he leaves Cass wanting more…

That is, until Cass has another close encounter with Michael and finds out a secret about him that both frightens her, and secretly leaves her even more curious and intrigued than before. Are the visions Cass has been having about her and Michael worth the risk that Michael’s true nature presents. When it comes to Cass and her friends in the bedroom, no one can know what might happen…

STRIPPED 5 is the fifth and final installment in a new erotic romance short story series by bestselling author, EMMA ROSE.

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