Hard Chance: SEALs Crossfire, Part 3

Last Chance: A Navy SEALs erotic romance (SEALs Crossfire Part 1)


Third in the new SEALs CROSSFIRE erotic romance series by Emma Rose

Navy SEAL Chance and McKenzie must adjust to their fake identities as husband and wife in a safe house while Chance and his team seek out Saravia and his men.

Though she was rescued three weeks ago, McKenzie still suffers from nightmares about her abduction. Sights and smells trigger waves of nausea. However, McKenzie notices that her nausea is becoming more and more frequent, especially in the mornings...

Can McKenzie and Chance built a true relationship with each other while living someone else's life?

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clpetit56 Amazon Reviewer

An amazing story that grabs you from the very first page. The characters are great, the setting was good, the writing was easy to read, and a plot twist is thrown in that you never saw coming. Hot, emotional... keeps you turning the pages. Can't wait to read more in this series.

Emma Amazon Reviewer

This was a short story that hooked me right away. It was different from some that I have read as it got the story going really quickly and never slowed. I hope we are gonna see more of Chance and Mackenzie.