Second Chance: SEALs Crossfire, Part 2

Last Chance: A Navy SEALs erotic romance (SEALs Crossfire Part 1)


Second in the new SEALs CROSSFIRE erotic romance series by Emma Rose

Chance McBride, an ex-Navy SEAL on the run for his life, has just lost the one person who was most important to him. Now he must reunite with his team to get her back.

When McKenzie Davis moved to a new neighborhood, she had no clue that the hot guy next door would actually take an interest in her. She also didn't know that her neighbor was also an undercover SEAL living under a false identity due to his importance in bringing down a high-profile target linked to drugs and terrorism.

Now McKenzie is held captive by the very targets that tried to kill Chance, she must stay strong if she has any hope of surviving.

clpetit56 Amazon Reviewer

An amazing story that grabs you from the very first page. The characters are great, the setting was good, the writing was easy to read, and a plot twist is thrown in that you never saw coming. Hot, emotional... keeps you turning the pages. Can't wait to read more in this series.

Emma Amazon Reviewer

This was a short story that hooked me right away. It was different from some that I have read as it got the story going really quickly and never slowed. I hope we are gonna see more of Chance and Mackenzie.

Denise G. Amazon Reviewer

'Last Chance' was a good story. I wished it was longer, but with it being a novella, I understand. The storyline was great. I liked how it started out and how it played out. Mc Kenzie is a great character...As with all of Emma Rose's works, the hot and steamy scenes are explosive and well written. This series is one that I'll definitely follow. A great add to your tbr list.