Pleasured, Part 4: A Contemporary Adult Romance

Pleasured, Part 4: A Contemporary Adult Romance


Lena is trapped in an impossible situation. As a professional sex-toy product tester, doing her job usually means giving herself pleasure. But this time, the product she’s testing is designed to let her give pleasure to someone else. Her testing partner is her boss, the gorgeous James Suter, who selected Lena for her professionalism. He’s positive she won’t let feelings get involved. But the problem is that for her, it was love at first sight. So how can she place herself in such an intimate position without letting him know how she really feels? Will her feelings for James ruin her career, break her heart, or both?

Amazon Reviewer

I normally don't read books like this but my friend swore that I needed to. I liked the story and the characters were believable. Great book!

Amy Amazon Reviewer

Oh my! What a job! Go Lena! Emma Rose is an amazing author. I have to know what happens now that Lena has taken her test!