No Love Lost 1: An Adult Romance

No Love Lost 1: An Adult Romance


Stacy has been frustrated and confused since her recent divorce. She has a grown daughter to manage, no easy feat, and an ex-husband that still excites her and disgusts her equally. Stacy feels lonely, like something is missing, which is easy considering the role her husband used to play in all aspects of her life, but especially those that take place in the bedroom...

So when Stacy’s husband makes a sudden reappearance in her home, and offers her a sweet reminder of what they used to enjoy so much together, Stacy is forced to make a choice. She can stand up for the frustration and anger her husband caused her by bringing his talents to other women while they were together, or she can give in to the temptation to taste what had brought them together in the first place. The question for Stacy is, what do you do with an ex when there’s no love lost...

J. Lee Amazon Reviewer

...Well written and stuck so true to how life actually works out for many people. All though this story is a little sad and depressing for me, many others will enjoy it more. Great writer and fantastic ideas.

Cindy P. Amazon Reviewer

I enjoyed it quite a bit and it is an excellent read!!!!!!