His Hidden Desire 5: The Siren’s Minuet

The Siren's Minuet (His Hidden Desire #5)


A dinner date that had seemed like a good idea in midst of a bout of jealousy now has Samantha doubting the wisdom of her rash decision.

When an old friend and occasional lover calls her up she leaps at the excuse to cancel with Porter. Only Porter's pain has her even more confused than before. And when he frees her from their bargain she should be delighted.

So why can't she shake this lonely, depressed, cloud that's hanging over her? Will Samantha follow her own heart? Or will she close the door on the possibility of love out of pure stubbornness?​

J. Lee Amazon Reviewer

I believe this story deserves 5 stars for its mysteriously sexy encounter. The story behind the discontent between the characters and the hidden desire that is still left a mystery to the readers even after she discovers the truth. I was hooked pretty quick but would love more twists and maybe even a little more show of animosity between the two main characters. More interaction.

Sheila A. Amazon Reviewer

I coudn't put it down