His Hidden Desire 1: Unmasking His Secret

Unmasking His Secret (His Hidden Desire #1)


Samantha's family has always tried to play matchmaker between her and the affluent son of the neighbors next door, Porter Weston. While Porter is handsome, Samantha has always seen him as more of a friend than someone of romantic interest.

In the middle of a charity ball hosted by her family, Samantha is captivated by a mysterious and unbelievably hot masked man who casts her lustful gazes from across the room. Will Samantha follow her family's wishes and see if Porter can be more than friends or will she reject expectations and have a fun fling with the masked man?

J. Lee Amazon Reviewer

I believe this story deserves 5 stars for its mysteriously sexy encounter. The story behind the discontent between the characters and the hidden desire that is still left a mystery to the readers even after she discovers the truth. I was hooked pretty quick but would love more twists and maybe even a little more show of animosity between the two main characters. More interaction.

Sheila A. Amazon Reviewer

I coudn't put it down