His Every Devotion: The Billionaire’s Contract 3

His Every Devotion: (The Billionaire's Contract Part 3)


Celine greets Peter’s dark side with open arms, but she believes he is still holding something back. A quiet evening with Sylvia convinces her that there is a deep secret, but it takes Peter himself to finally reveal what it is that is so perverse he can barely bring himself to expose it. In the end, he has to show her the evidence of his closely held secret and let Celine figure it out on her own. Peter is in for his own shock.

Ms. Eden Amazon Reviewer

A very lush, highly erotica beginning to a new series by author Emma Rose, this book caught me from the very start and didn't let up- By the time I reached the end of this part, I was ready for a cold shower- and then onto the next in the series. Ms. Rose writes with a casual yet urgent style, and I can tell this story- revolving around a young assistant named Celine and her contract with enigmatic billionaire P. Winston Dunn- is building at a breathtaking pace. The dialog is perfect, and the incredibly sexy "intimate" parts of the story were written so visually well that I became a voyeur as the full extent of the contract became clear. Very impressive, five steamy stars.

Pirate Lady Amazon Reviewer

This is a short book but it is packed with plenty of sex. Ms. Rose writes very steamy books. Be careful the cover of your reader may melt. If you do not like this type book do not buy and then blame it on the Author.