Cassie Savage works in the campus bookstore, stocking shelves and hiding her size 16-frame behind her XXL Books ‘n Bags employee apron. Her life is perfect, from the outside at least: great grades, super roommate, plenty of friends, and the campus job is both convenient and great for making extra money when she shops for clothes in the plus-size department.

But, shy and insecure, Cassie’s sex life is practically non-existent. So when Zack Pinto, star breast stroker for the Emerson State swim team, admits he’s been crushing on her for three straight semesters, she doesn’t know whether to be flattered… or leery. It’s only when Zack confesses he has a thing for curvy women – and wants to fulfill a lifelong fantasy – that Cassie realizes he wants her for more than her brains. And for once, she’s A-okay with that!

HIS CURVY CRUSH is a BBW erotic short story by bestselling author, EMMA ROSE.

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.