Chosen by the Billionaire 4: Her Rush

Chosen by the Billionaire 4: Her Rush


The partnership between BioTech and Chem Life has become a bond for the CEO's in more ways than one. When Caroline's nemesis Sylvia asserts herself during a boardroom tryst with Brett, BioTech's walls echo with groans of ecstasy.

​Will the addition of Sylvia to the chambers of pleasure be too much for Brett and Caroline? Will the climax breach the delicate walls of BioTech's professional conduct?

JJ01 Amazon Reviewer

A must read book! If u like romance and a love story u will live this book. I enjoyed it.

CJR Amazon Reviewer

Caroline & Brett the way they met will make you laugh. Why they met will annoy you. This is a fast past read that involves theft, illegal activities and steamy sex. Enjoy.