Chosen by the Billionaire 2: Her Desire

Her Desire: (Chosen by the Billionaire 2)


As the new CEO of BioTech, Caroline immediately sets herself to repairing the damage left by the corrupt board. She didn't expect anyone to discover her secret relationship with the billionaire owner, Brett, despite their attempts to keep their love hidden.

​When the CEO of a competing firm, Amanda Davies, comes to Caroline with more than just a business proposition, she doesn't know how to react.

​Can she balance the responsibilities of her dream job with her relationship with Brett, especially when she faces the very real threat of employee mutiny?

JJ01 Amazon Reviewer

A must read book! If u like romance and a love story u will live this book. I enjoyed it.

CJR Amazon Reviewer

Caroline & Brett the way they met will make you laugh. Why they met will annoy you. This is a fast past read that involves theft, illegal activities and steamy sex. Enjoy.