Breathless: The Complete 5-Part Series

Breathless: An Adult Romance: The Complete 5-Part Series


The complete bestselling series in one bundle!

Lori and Matt have been working together, laboring and growing and sweating alongside one another for years. However, Lori’s always felt a tingling when Matt’s around, a sensation warming her and enticing her to become more than just a friend.

She was never sure that Matt felt the same way, until one night...

For one night, Matt and Lori decide to throw caution to the wind and give in to the fantasies and desires both had been keeping for each other. For one night, Matt and Lori decide to give in to temptation, and leave each other breathless...

Wendy Goodreads Reviewer

Emma's characters are strong and well written. The relationship between the two is palpable. The story itself is a quick read and leaves you wanting more.