Bared to Him: The Bundle

Bared to Him: The Bundle


The Complete 4-Part Series in a Single Bundle!

Lillian Sauers could wear six layers of clothing and still feel like her embarrassing curves were on display for the world to see...Yet when she's offered a high-paying job as a model for a famous painter, her need to pay off her student loans outweighs her desire for modesty.

As a world-renowned painter, Jonathan has tasted the fruits of his success by attending the art galas and parties of the country’s elite. However, with his recent success he has felt a tremendous pressure to perform and he worries that he has lost his muse, the creative flare of inspiration that drives him to produce masterpieces. For weeks, he’s haunted by the same dream that prevents him from painting. He desperately needs to find his muse or he will lose all that he has worked so hard to accomplish.

The idea of posing for a stranger is almost too embarrassing for Lillian to imagine. But when she meets Jonathan, she can’t help but notice a certain attraction in his eyes. Will she be able to let go of her inhibitions and let him prove to her how sexy she really is? Or will her insecurities stand in her way of discovering true beauty?

Heidi J. Amazon Reviewer

I could relate to Lillian's self doubts and feelings over her "curves"! I've always had more than I should, most of the time enough to kill me! Jon, being the great artist that he is saw true beauty whenever he looked at Lillian. The love/sexx scenes were HOT HOT HOT! They don't start till the middle of the story. There's plenty of humor throughout the story. Of course a snag in the love story makes it that much more real! I enjoyed watching them and their friends as well! Hmmmm...... Maybe a sequel? ? Looks promising! Thanks to Emma Rose for a great story and Amazon for making it available! Ladies enjoy!