Bared to Him, Book #3 (An Adult Romance)

Bared to Him, Book #3 (An Adult Romance)


The more time Lillian spends with Jonathan, the more she learns that she needs the world-renowned painter as much as he needs her. Lillian never thought she was model quality but through his artwork and creative flare, Jonathan shows her how beautiful she really is. With her newfound confidence, Lillian finally goes after her dreams of becoming a writer in the big city. But while she’s busy doing everything she’s ever dreamed of, she can’t help but feel like something in her life is missing.

Jonathan knows his feelings for Lillian are stronger than those between painter and model, but an event from the past prevents him from moving on. Lillian was the perfect muse to spark his creativity but she’s about to leave his life forever. Will he be able to tell her how he feels before he loses the opportunity? Will she get past her insecurities and have everything she’s ever wanted, or will she let her inhibitions stand in the way of true happiness?

Tinkers Amazon Reviewer

Bared to Him is a really good book. It show us how two broken people who are being chased by the ghosts of their pasts can over come everything and find love.

JLee Amazon Reviewer

Real life struggles and the battle to make it, pushes to very creative people together. Of course there is attraction and ghosts to ruin it all, but this change partnership might just be what lends their souls. Inspiring! Can't wait for more.