Bared to Him, Book #2 (An Adult Romance)

Bared to Him, Book #2 (An Adult Romance)


Lillian has never met anyone like Jonathan, the well-renowned painter who has lost his muse and creative flare. After responding to an ad for a modeling position, Lillian is told that Jonathan needs her to spark his inspiration. Lillian doesn’t believe she is “model quality” but she needs the money and Jonathan is determined to prove to her how beautiful she really is. With each piece of clothing she takes off and every inch of skin she reveals, she learns that she needs Jonathan as much as he needs her.

The more time Lillian spends with him, the more she starts to fall for the artist, but Jonathan is nothing but professional. Can she see what he does when he paints her or do her insecurities run too deep? Will she be able to tell him how she really feels about him before their time together runs out?

Avidreader Amazon Reviewer

This story caught my attention quickly and reeled me in faster. I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in this line.

Nancy B. Amazon Reviewer

What a beautiful start. Jonathan and Lillian appear to be soul mates. I'm enjoying their journey into scary territory and can't wait to see how they navigate through their messey pasts.