Backstage Paradise, Novella #2

Backstage Paradise, Novella #2: A Rock Star Erotic Romance


Tyla Kristal has spent the last five years trying to disappear from the public eye. She once was a quick-rising pop princess destined to headline shows across the nation...that is...until a nasty scandal forever tarnished her name and stole her fame. All she wants to do is lay low and avoid the spotlight. She never suspected that a random hookup with bad-boy Kristian would threaten to pull her back into the world she had left behind.

And while it may have been the hottest night she's had in years, she knows the best thing to do is never see him again. But when he calls, will she be able to say no? Or does she secretly think a little backstage fling could be good for her after all?

Amy Amazon Reviewer

Once again Emma Rose has satisfied! I really liked the jaded Tyla and couldn't wait to see what would come from her encounter with the hot lead singer! Always wish for a little more, but I will order the next book to find out what happens next.

Vandolin Amazon Reviewer

I was so ready for more! Erotica is my favorite genre and this little piece of work hit the spot! I will definitely continue to read from this author. Thank you Emma Rose!