Torn Between 7: Seduced by the Billionaires

When Maralee finally confesses the secret about her past, Cami thinks she can get rid of her dominant master, CEO Eddie Dunning, forever. But Eddie isn’t going to give up that easily. He wants Cami and is willing to do what it takes to steal her back from his rival, Cami’s sexy boss, Tyler.With Eddie no longer in control of her body, Cami is ready to take her relationship with Tyler to the next level. But her plans are foiled when a stinging betrayal turns her life upside down and secrets are revealed. But the most shocking is one she discovers about Tyler–one so terrible that it might destroy her love for him forever.This serial is the seventh installment in the popular adult romance series, TORN BETWEEN, by bestselling author, Emma Rose.

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.