Stripped: The Complete 5-Part Series (A Contemporary Adult Romance)

The complete bestselling series in one bundle!

Cassidy is down in the dumps of the L.A. life. Auditions are leading nowhere, nothing exciting has happened in a long time, and she just can’t seem to break it. But when her friend Sherry invites her to a party, and promises to introduce her to a hot friend, she just can’t say no.

But you know what they say about parties. There’s just no telling where the night takes you. Cassidy, along with Sherry, Jackson, and Nick, decide to explore this idea to the fullest. And before the night is over, Sherry’s introduced Cassidy to a new idea for her future, an idea suited to her newfound talents…

Parties can lead to surprises and intrigue, but sometimes the party doesn’t end for everyone. For Cassidy and her new friends, what seems like a normal night on the town turns into a blur of sensuality and passion for all. And for Cassidy, perhaps quite a few more nights as well…

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.