Stripped 3: An Erotic Romance

Hard luck forced Cassidy to give up her reservations…and her clothes…to become a star attraction at The Golden Thoroughbred, one of L.A.’s classiest gentlemen’s clubs. But Cassidy, always looking to make ends meet, finds herself with plenty of clients interested in after-hours work….and she’s only too happy to oblige when it means her bills get paid.

An especially trying “double shift” leads Cassidy to wonder whether her lifestyle is worth the experiences. But, just as Cassidy’s luck seems ready to run out once and for all, a mysterious blonde-haired blue-eyed stranger walks into The Golden Thoroughbred and steals Cassidy’s attention.

Declining the usual activities and requests of Cassidy’s customers, the mysterious and ravishing stranger is something Cassidy can’t figure out. When she agrees to meet him after hours for her usual 1-on-1 appointment, things turn out quite differently than she ever would have guessed…

STRIPPED 3 is the third installment in a new erotic romance short story series by bestselling author, EMMA ROSE.

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.