Stripped 2: An Erotic Romance

With her friend Sherry as a referral, Cassidy’s ready to begin work at The Golden Thoroughbred, one of the classiest gentlemen’s clubs in all of Los Angeles. Devoted to leaving behind a life of empty bank accounts and ramen noodle dinners, Cassidy agrees to take it all off and work with her newfound talents.

Although it’s Cassidy’s first time, from the moment she gets on stage she shows everyone there’s more than meets the eye. However, when a burglar takes her hard-earned first night’s pay, Cassidy’s left to consider an interesting offer she gets one night.

It’s a man and a woman, looking for a friend to enjoy a private party with them. Cassidy, still trying to keep the lights on and with her curiosity….aroused….is ready for another party. And what started out as another tough day for Cassidy turns out into a night on the town no one is soon to forget….

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.