Shared, Book #6 (An Adult Romance)

Since taking the job at Rance’s restaurant, Olivia hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her attractive boss. She knows Rance wants her back, but he has always respected her and remained nothing if professional. But Olivia knows she wants much more out of their relationship and she’s willing to take the risks necessary to show Rance just how happy they could be together. And every moment they share brings her closer to her goal.

Things get complicated when Jeremy refuses to let her out of his life. Olivia knows she wants Rance but neither can she resist the fantasies that Jeremy brings to her reality. Will she be able to choose one man to make her happy? Or will she learn to share herself with both men in her life?

This adult romance is the sixth in the SHARED series by bestselling author, Emma Rose.

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.