Shared, Book #2 (An Adult Romance)

Olivia desperately needs a job so she can pay her student loans, get an apartment, and move out of her cousin’s place. When Rance, the cute owner of a restaurant in New York City, offers her a job she can’t afford to turn down, she’s willing to do anything to prove herself. Not to mention that Rance is hot and seems to find her just as attractive.

But things are complicated when she meets mysterious and handsome Jeremy. She can no longer deny her attraction to him, but then he reveals a secret that makes her feel manipulated and betrayed. Then there’s also the matter of Rance, who still makes her heart beat faster whenever he’s around, and who has no idea about her secret with Jeremy. She doesn’t know which man she wants more: Rance and the opportunities he offers…or Jeremy and the pleasure she knows they’ll share together.

This adult romance is the second in the SHARED series by bestselling author, Emma Rose

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.