Shades of Seduction: Interview

The first part of SHADES OF SEDUCTION, a three-part series from bestselling author, Emma Rose.

Called a living master of the age by art critics, handsome billionaire David Garrante stays isolated from the outside world in his modern art studio located atop Garrante Building, a skyscraper housing a sea of accountants, lawyers, and publicists who all work for the secretive artist. The arrangement suits Garrante just fine—until he comes face to face with a beautiful woman who awakens a forgotten passion with her skill as an artist and her perspective on life. All he wants is to make her his forever. But will he have to give up his reclusive lifestyle to get his wish?

Megan Brandon is desperate. The university denied her application for tenure despite her impressive list of accomplishments as an associate professor of art, and she is faced with waiting two more years to apply again or leave her job in the hopes of finding better prospects elsewhere. After storming into her boss’ office to turn in her resignation, she discovers that one of her published reviews of the reclusive artist, David Garrante, has earned her an invitation to interview for a six month dedicated internship with the reclusive artist. Without knowing what to expect, Megan is shocked to discover just how dedicated David Garrante is to his art…and how much he likes to exercise control in all elements of his life. If Megan is to grow as an artist and further her career, she must learn the art of seduction…

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.