Riptide: Tidal Attraction

Sonia never could have imagined the excitement that awaited her on top of the beach’s sand dune. The quite morning held the promise of beautiful photographs and wonderful memories. She was not prepared for the handsome stranger that the sea breeze would blow her way, nor was she prepared for the way he made her feel. Suddenly finding herself in his embrace, thinking lewd thoughts of pleasure, Sonia just couldn’t let him go despite a growing sense of unease.

Mitchell had come to the beach for escape, not more photographs from the paparazzi. Seeing the lone photographer on the dune, he knew this was the moment to stop them in their tracks, only to be surprised when the photographer was a gorgeous woman who had no idea who he was. Gazing into her hazel eyes, he found himself drawn to her earthy beauty and her lush curves. He knew that if she found out who he was, she wouldn’t want anything to do with him. Yet, he couldn’t walk away.

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.