No Love Lost 3: An Adult Romance

When Stacy attends her high school reunion, she only wants to get through the night in one piece. She is not quite ready to face the complicated relationship she has with her ex-husband, Clive. But she doesn’t have much of a choice when he shows up at reunion also. Luckily, her night is saved when she runs into a sexy stranger…who turns out to be no stranger at all.

Montgomery Sheldon admired Stacy from afar in high school, but she was always just out of his reach…until now. Stacy regrets that she never paid much attention to him all those years ago. Now he is determined to make sure she’ll never forget him again. Will Stacy deny herself the promises behind each kiss Montgomery gives or will she release her inhibitions and experience a night she’ll always remember?

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.