Kiss For Us (Bicurious Erotica)

Kristen and Layla had been college roommates for a year. Layla liked to date and party while “good girl” Kristen would rather hit the books than let any guy, no matter how hot, disrupt her journey to a Master’s degree.

When Layla talks Kristen into a double date with the two hottest, most notorious, players on campus things move quickly from awkward date to ultimatum and Kristen can’t believe what Layla’s been asked to do.

“You have to kiss your roommate, in front of me and my friend.”

One kiss and Layla can have the night of her life, and she’s annoying enough to convince Kristen too. But can Kristen go through with something like this with two mega hot guys watching? And can something like this really end with just a kiss?

KISS FOR US is a 4500 word erotic short story by bestselling author, Emma Rose, and is intended for mature audiences.

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.