For His Dark Pleasure (The Vampire’s Embrace, Book 2)

Alyssa can’t seem to get away from vampires. They have been haunting her dreams for nights now, filling them with dark, frightening, but also incredibly erotic images and fantasies that leave her waking up disappointed. But now, with attacks on her customers that begin to resemble the work of a real-life vampire, Alyssa is starting to wonder whether her dreams are more than just dark fantasies, and instead scary and sexy realities…

Of course, there is her personal dark admirer, Bran, who fits the looks and legends of a vampire during their torrid encounters. Alyssa can’t help but fall to putty in Bran’s hands, as he introduces her to the very dark dreams that she’s been secretly hoping to turn to reality since they began. Like most college girls, Alyssa is just looking for a little fun and companionship to spice up her night life. She never knew the night life would turn out to be more exciting and dangerous than she ever might have expected…

FOR HIS DARK PLEASURE is the second novella in the adult paranormal romance series THE VAMPIRE’s EMBRACE by Emma Rose.

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.