Finding Moira

Moira has a past that’s she’s been running from her whole life. Attempting a fresh start, she takes on a job at a local thrift shop, hoping that the normalcy will help keep her clean. While practicing with her band, she has an odd conversation with Karol that leads to a kiss…A totally non-romantic, only-for-research kiss…

At least, that’s what Moira assumed the kiss to be. But now Moira can’t deny that what she thought was a simple kiss is anything but…and she feels like her entire world might flip out of control in a terrifyingly beautiful way.

Life sets Moira and Karol in directions they never knew were possible and Moira must search her soul for what sort of life she wants to pursue. Will Moira act on her long-ignored desires or will love be forever lost?

*Standalone – No Cliffhanger*
Warning: This book contains adult situations involving seduction and explicit scenes. If this material is a trigger for you, it’s best if you avoid this story. If not, you are in for a treat. ?
Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.