Entwined 1: The Billionaire’s Arrangement (A Menage Erotic Romance)

When Keira interviews for a high-profile job at Reed Group, she is unprepared for the instant attraction she feels to the CEO of the company, Marcus Reed. Marcus is unlike anyone she’s ever met and she is eager to show him what she’s capable of. When he warns her about certain conditions of the job, tasks that she might find difficult, and secrets that he will reveal to her if she proves herself, Keira knows she’s ready for anything and is willing to do what it takes…

Marcus has always gotten what he’s wanted, and he’s made up his mind that he wants Keira. He knows she is the right person for the job, but one thing weighs on his mind: Will she be ready and willing to do what he wants? Because Keira will soon find that Marcus wants an assistant in more ways than one. He wants someone who will join his harem, his family and their sexual pursuits and adventures. When she discovers the secrets of his company and what her job actually entails, will she be willing to give him what he wants?

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.