Breathless, Book #5 (An Adult Romance)

Breathless from her romantic affair with Giacomo, Lori knows it’s time to face reality. She misses Matt and the relationship that had only just begun before she left for Italy. But now she’s no longer certain which man has a stronger hold on her heart. The sexy Italian’s kisses are still fresh in her memory, but she also remembers the sensual nights she shared with Matt.

Lori is happy to be back home, but there’s one person she misses more than anyone else…Matt. Running into him stirs up old feelings and leaves her feeling confused. When he learns about the short romance she shared with Giacomo, Matt is determined to erase those memories from her mind and replace it with something even better. He wants a night with Lori that she will never forget. A night that will make sure he’s the only one in her heart.

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.