Bad Boy Fighter

Can a fighter escape the dirty web of corruption in the ring to be with the woman he loves?

Bad boy, Dante Medina turned to the underground ring to pay his way through college. His hard-hitting fists¬†and winning streak get him noticed by exactly the wrong sort of person, Ronnie Ward, a corrupt thug who offered him better-paying fights in exchange for his absolute loyalty…or else.

Dante may be untouchable in the ring, but his heart is held by his best friend and one true love, Hailee. And his dirty deal will come back to hurt the one person who has always been by his side, no matter what.

He might agree to lose a fight, but he refuses to lose the one person who matters.

Now he must fight one of the toughest battles of his life…Now he must fight for a life outside the ring.

Content Warning: This book contains explicit love scenes and gratuitous amounts of naughty language. Mature audiences only.

Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.