Bad Boy Biker

She’d thought that they might actually have a nice night out together…She’d been very wrong. When Sara’s toxic boyfriend goes too far at the local bar, a hot biker with attitude speaks up and protects Sara as if she were his own.

Bad boy Luke isn’t just a rebel with inked sleeves looking for a fight, he’s the leader of a motorcycle club new to the town. Once safe, and in Luke’s hands, she’s feels comforted by a kindness behind his eyes.

But as the night draws on, Sara can’t help but feel a burning passion toward the man who stood up for her, and by the ravenous look in his eyes, she doesn’t know if she’s strong enough to resist him…or if she would even try…

*Standalone – No Cliffhanger*
Warning: This book contains adult situations involving seduction and explicit scenes. If this material is a trigger for you, it’s best if you avoid this story. If not, you are in for a treat. ?
Copyright © 2020 by Emma Rose.